Accurate working, good communnication, love for details and keeping an open mind is key to me.


Mixing is the key step after songwriting and recording to present your music to the audience as you imagine it. I've completely specialized in enriching your songs with my mixing so that your vision is fulfilled and we reach the sonic level that you are aiming for.


Since some decisions should be made during the production, I am glad to help you with feedback on your demos or productions before the actual mixing stage. This avoids problems and makes you focused towards a great song.


You also have the possibility to join in on the mixing session through a password-protected livestream from home or on the go. Revisions to your absolute satisfaction are also included at no extra cost.


My Work.

Here is a selection of my recent work for you to listen to.

DIA - Yungfrau


About me.

René Jesser

Mixing Engineer

Music and mixing music is my passion. That 's why I love to work with up and coming bands and artists from the pop / indie sector in order to help them develop new music and sounds. Reliability, teamwork, communication, creativity and the highest sonic demands is paramount to me.

Bastian Dalmisch.


"What I like about René is it´s all about the song itself. No trash talk. No bullshit."

Stefan Krause.

John Garner

"... If you want to take your music to a new level, then Rene is the right guy for you. Reliable, professional and yet a cool guy."

Luca Göpper.

Luke Noa

"Working with René was an extremely harmonious process. As an artist he always gave me access to his world in which we could work together on the implementation of ideas and visions for the songs. Besides, at the end he is simply a nice and open guy."


If you have any questions or if you want to talk about your future projects, get in touch.

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