Being able to work on your music means a lot to me, so every production gets all my attention, emotion and love for detail. Your satisfaction with your song is most important to me. Here are a few examples of productions that I had the pleasure of mixing and partly recording. Enjoy!

DIA – Lass uns ein Stückchen gehen
DIA – Paradies
DIA – Heidi
DIA – Freibad
Jenny Marsala Feuer
Jenny Marsala Aura
Jenny Marsala Eisprinzessin
John Garner – see you there
John Garner – a little bit of all
John Garner – the best day
Monicka Hove – Demons
Monicka Hove – Bad Bitches
Monicka Hove – Alta
MA4 – Slavik
Panjeah – Dunk
KeyB & Glimo – Elements
KeyB & Victoria Strand – Live for now
Bona Fide & Victoria Strand – Let you go
Bona Fide – Labels
Davlo - Distant
D`HUNDSKRIPPLN – lederhosn amore
Alexander David – The Man with a Coin
Donikkl – Einmal Party zum mitnehmen
KeyB - All Alone
LIENNE - World´s Madness
John Garner - i saw the fire
VARO - Here is the calm, Here is the storm
Hannes Donel Trio – A Place


As a freelance Sound – Engineer I have several services that I want to offer:


I mix your song with satisfaction guaranteed. Emotional and with great attention to detail.

Studio Recording.

We record your song together. With your unique style, creativity and without limits.

Video Sessions.

Together with Monaco Sessions you will be filmed during a live session in the studio. Great videos with a great vibe.


René Jesser

Tontechniker (FH)

From the first moment on I have been to a recording studio I knew: “I wanna do that, too!“ Since then a lot has happened. During many extensive productions I had the chance to steadily learn new things and develop my skills in the audio world. A personal highlight of my constant search for new ways and ideas were the masterclasses with Mixer and Producer Andrew Scheps ( Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Metallica) and Producer Reinhold Mack (Queen, Rolling Stones, Electric Light Orchestra). An open mind, creativity, the love for detail and the satisfaction of the artist are my top priorities.


If you have any questions or if you want to talk about your future projects, feel free to contact me.

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